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50 Tips & Tricks for Researching with Bing

By L. Fabry

Microsoft’s own studies have found that the act of searching is nearly as habitual as brushing your teeth or tapping your leg. Those who thought the search engine war was over got a new chapter in the series when Bing launched earlier this year. Those who want to try, or have already used this new device, will enjoy the 50 tips, tricks, reviews, and more listed below.

Basics of Bing

These sites are ideal for those still getting started with Bing.
1. Bing Tour Page: Visit here to take an easy and quick tour of Bing. Get tipss for travel, shopping, local, and more. You can even make Bing your default browser with the flip of a virtual switch.
2. Product Guide: This guide outlines the design goals and provides interactive, step-by-step instructions for how to use the new features in everyday tasks such as checking the weather forecast, tracking a package, or planning your next vacation. You can also get sections on the decision engine features, results, search expertise, and how to simplify tasks.
3. Videos: This series of videos show you the basics and latest on Bing from the experts at Microsoft. There are videos on the design and features of the search engine. You can also get a video tour of the product.
4. Search Challenge: Want to see how Bing compares to Google? Then take this challenge for a side by side comparison of the two. You can choose from popular search topics for the challenge or enter your very own.
5. Bing 101: This easy guide is ideal for those just beginning to use Bing. You can get tips for finding news feeds, music, videos, and more. There are also tricks for customized and advanced searches.
6. Bing Mobile Usage Guide & Search Tutorial: Amit Bhawani brings you the latest tech updates and shows you how to use Bing on your mobile device. He does a few searches with it and shows you how to do the same easily and with pictures. You can also get other useful tips for using Bing.

Best Uses for Bing

Now that you’re ready to start searching with Bing, visit the below sites for the best customized results.
7. Bing Video: One of the newest innovations in video search, Bing brings something new to your research. In addition to the usual results page, it actually allows you to preview a video without clicking on it. Simply scroll your mouse over the video you wish to see and get instant playback.
8. Bing Images: Instead of a sterile page of image results from Google or others, Bing does something entirely different. It displays results as a fun collage and gives you information just by scrolling over the image. Bing also gives suggestions on how to narrow your search.
9. Bing Travel: One of the more impressive features of Bing, a travel search allows you to compare multiple sites at once. They include Expedia, Hotwire,, Priceline, and BookingBuddy. The site also has useful articles and hot deals listed right on the page.
10. Bing Translator: This is a free online language translation service for text and web pages. Simply type or paste your text on the left and it can even auto detect the language. Choose from English, Spanish, French, and other languages, hit translate, and get the text in the language of your choice instantly.
11. Bing Maps: Visit here to do map searches like never before. You can start with something as simple as directions or move onto adding and creating your own online collection of maps. You can even explore popular places and get reviews on it.
12. Bing Shopping: The home page is constantly updated with the latest searched items and featured products. Be sure to check out the cash back features that allow you to search, shop, and save. There is also a virtual tour.
13. Bing xRank: Learn which searches are the most popular by using this feature. You can search by biggest mover of the day, celebrity, musician, politician, and blogger. They also have the top ten searches available for viewing.
14. Bing Local: With the help of, Bing can help you locate a number of items in your area. You can choose from categories such as arts, automotive, education, dining, government, and more.
15. Biying: Those doing research in Mandarin Chinese will enjoy this new Bing site, launched on June 1, 2009. Because “Bing” has several meanings in this language, Microsoft changed it to “Biying,” meaning “must respond” or “answer.” Some of the features available on the English version are not yet available on this one.

Best Basic Bing Tricks

Go beyond basic searches with the help of these technology experts and their guides.
16. Microsoft Bing: 7 Quick ‘n’ Dirty Tricks: Definitely quick, but not quite dirty, Gizmodo gives you seven neat Bing tricks. They include getting phone numbers and wallpapers much faster than with Google. You can also get a review for Bing linked to in the first paragraph.
17. Bing Tricks and Tips Extended Edition: Web Talk had already put out an article on Bing, then found some more useful tips. Read about all ten here. You can also get links on how to filter explicit sites with Bing and much more.
18. 5 Cool Things to do With Bing: Million Clues is a technology guide for the digital citizen. They show you five easy ways to use Bing to its fullest. You can also get many other related tips and tricks for other technologies.
19. Bing Tips & Tricks: Amit Agarwal is a technology columnist for a national newspaper. He gives six interesting and easy to follow tips, including how to save and email searches. You can also get other useful how to articles.
Best Advanced Bing Tricks
Those ready for something a little more challenging with Bing will enjoy the below tips.
20. 5 Advanced Bing Tips: Now that you know the basics of Bing, try something a little more advanced. Ghacks often writes about how to take advantage of the latest in technology and shows you how to customize and utilize this search engine. Get tips for removing the background image, getting an IP address, do a search completely in RSS, and more.
21. How to Use the Bing Webmaster Tools: Sascha Kimmel has been blogging about the web experience since 1996. In this entry, you are shown how to use the webmaster tools of Bing. Get tips and tricks for keywords, backlinks, crawl issues, and more.
22. Bing Wallpapers and Ringtones: If you love Bing, then grab a few of these wallpapers for your PC at no charge. There are also three Bing influenced ringtones available as an MP3 to preview or download to your mobile device.
23. Webmaster Tools: Want to make sure your website or blog is listed on Bing? Then visit here to enter your web address and optional sitemap address. You can also give them your email just in case they encounter a problem with your site.

Best Blogs for Bing

Below are the best in technology blogs and their posts on Bing, including many different topics.
24. Webmaster Blog: From the makers of Bing comes this expert blog. It can show you the latest in search engine developments. You can also get information on how to post or remove URL’s from Bing.
25. The Microsoft Blog: Nick Eaton is a reporter for Microsoft and a blogger for Seattlepi. Get the latest in Microsoft news, along with updates and tips for Bing. A recent post was on
26. Travel Blog: Those researching travel or vacations on Bing will want to give this blog a read. It provides information on traveling smarter and debates on the most timely travel topics. A recent entry examined the behavior of teenagers during travel.
27. Maps Blog: See which destinations are the latest to take part in Bing maps by reading this blog. Destinations often leave useful information when visiting them. Recent entries were by Starwood Hotels and Eddie Bauer.
28. Lifehacker: A quick search for Bing turns up interesting results on Lifehacker. You can get reviews, the newest features, and answers to common Bing questions. There is also a ton of other technology related information on this site.
29. Digitizor: This site is a guide to everything technology related and has useful entries on Bing. Learn the basics, get advanced help, and more by reading this site. They also have many other “how to” articles for other technologies.
30. Channel 9: This site also contains stories and information on Bing. You can also listen to a podcast or read a review of the product. There are also many other computer and technology resources on the site.

Best Reviews for Bing

Still not sure if Bing is for you? Neither were these tech experts. Read their reviews to see what worked, what didn’t, and what is best for you.
31. Bing, But No Boom: The experts at “Wired” magazine were given a test drive of Bing. Read about what they liked and get their recommendation. You can also get many other reviews and helpful information from this site.
32. Laurent Duveau: He is a Silverlight developer and technology expert. Read about why he likes Bing and even a few tips on how to use it. You can also get tips and tricks for other technologies.
33. Hands On With Microsoft’s Bing Search: The experts at “PC” magazine did a thorough review of Bing and shared their opinions. There are sections on interface, travel, shopping, and more. You can even get a slideshow, which walks you through Bing.
34. Hold Up The Bing Bandwagon: Gord Hotchkiss is the president of a search engine marketing firm. He reviews Bing and compares to some of the other more popular search engines. Gord even gives recommendations to Microsoft on how to improve their product.
35. Hands On: Microsoft Bing Review: TechRadar in the United Kingdom got a look at Bing and wrote a review about it. They enjoyed its ability to search impressively for images and videos, with the ability to play them without leaving Bing. However, they were unimpressed with some of its more basic searches.
36. Why Bing Sucks: Top 5 Reasons: Taranfx constantly blogs on the latest in technology. They recently previewed Bing and compared to Google for several days. See what worked, the five things that didn’t, and read the over 52 comments from readers with similar experience.
37. State of the Search: Are you interested in investing on which search engine will come out on top? Then read this review by Search Engine Land to see their predictions. This lengthy post analyzes Bing, Google, and even Yahoo, along with their futures. You can also get many useful links.

Best Downloads for Bing

Visit the below to easily add Bing to Firefox, or even to get downloads directly from Microsoft.
38. Downloads: Direct from Microsoft, you can choose from an array of various downloads. Get a product guide, MSN Toolbar with Bing, Internet Explorer 8, and others. You can even get Bing for your mobile devices.
39. Bing Add On: Got Firefox and want to search Bing without going to the home page? Then get this add on as a download complete with search suggestions. You can also read the user reviews to see if it right for you.
40. Bing & Google: Still can’t decide between Bing and Google? Then get this Firefox add on to do searches on both instantly. Results are displayed side by side.

Best Bing Downloads for Internet Explorer 8

Because both are from Microsoft, there are many impressive add ons to maximize both Bing and IE8.
41. Bing Add On: With a simple click, you can add Bing to Internet Explorer. It currently has a five star rating based on 20 reviews.
42. Weather from Bing: Instantly get the forecast for your city with this Bing add on. Simply enter the name, scroll over the tab once installed, and get instant weather information. For use only within the United States.
43. Bing Translator: If you are constantly visiting pages in different languages, this add on is for you. A pop up browser will easily translate any text on any page without having to navigate away from anything.
44. Bing Maps: Hate opening a new window to get a map? Then get this add on to quickly map any address inside Internet Explorer without starting a new search.
45. Shop and Save: The accelerator gives you instant information on the product you are looking for. You can get prices, cash back offers, and lots of help for stretching those dollars. You can even get reviews for the product before you buy.
46. Finance from Bing: Those interested in the latest financial news will love this add on. Simply type the ticker symbol into the browser and Bing displays rich stock information. You can even subscribe to this information as a Web Slice.
47. Bing Image Search: Does your research include looking for and through multiple images? Then try this add on to get a Bing image search tied in directly to Internet Explorer 8.
48. Traffic from Bing: Check traffic for just about any city in the United States with this add on. Simply type in your city and Bing will display a “Traffic for BLANK” tab. Scroll your mouse over to get a real time traffic map.
49. Define with Bing: Have a trusty dictionary by your desk or favorite online site? It might be time to put those away after getting this add on. Bing will define words, and even phrases, through this add on.
50. Bing Maps for Outlook: This service obtains online location, mapping, and routing information to help you plan your appointments and meeting requests. There is only one review so far and those who are cautious may want to wait before adding this.

Anyone who still has qualms about switching to Bing but are frustrated with their current search method will feel differently after checking out these 50 tips and tricks.


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